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               Country Campsites at Michael Dee's Motel

East Durham, N.Y.
The Complete Vacation Getaway
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Oscar is very sweet, LOUD and has a gentle disposition. He often entertains himself on his swing or answering the door or the phone with a cheerful "Hello"
Oscar is now in a Happy place for a bird and LOVES the attention and commotion of the Motel office. Everybody leaves with a smile the guests,the bird and me.
Wishing Rock
Do you believe in miracles? People from all over come to Country Campsites to visit The Wishing Rock. Legend has it that sitting and wishing on this rock can make your dreams come true.
What do you wish for? Come to visit The Wishing Rock and give it a try. You'll have a fun time and it's FREE. What do you have to lose?
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